Storm Shelter’s Facilities

This document is a slightly more in-depth description of Storm Shelter’s main headquarters’ facilities.


Storm Shelter has security monitoring offices in police jurisdictions worldwide. These facilities handle residential, automotive and business security needs. They monitor security systems 24/7/365. Private security personnel works out of these offices. They are linked real-time to the local police jurisdiction and emergency services, so response time in an emergency is incredibly fast.

The Unit 51 team, Storm Shelter’s action and consulting law enforcement group, operates out of the company’s two headquarters located in Coldwater Junction, Montana. In keeping with Storm Shelter’s rather unorthodox approach to business, the public-facing offices are located in the Alibi Saloon on the second floor. Storm Shelter’s private headquarters where the core work is handled is located in the upper bunker. The ranch also provides other facilities such as indoor and outdoor firing ranges, helipads, and a Dodge City area for more advanced firearms and team training.

Alibi Offices

Only Cade MacLeod, J.D. West and Harrison McBride (CEO/CFO) have assigned offices at the Alibi. The remaining offices are set up as first come, first served drop-in spaces. Each office has two well appointed and modern workstations, as well as lockers that can be secured in case employees, wish to leave personal belongings on site.

The conference room is set up with a smaller version of the Core 5 table (see below) and electronic whiteboards that allow for displaying items from the table. Core 5 and the electronic display boards can be moved out of the way to make room for a standard conference table and seating.

Bunker Hill

Located behind Coldwater Creek’s main ranch house is a low rise that houses the main portion of two safe house bunkers. Portions of them lie beneath the house itself providing quick access for the family in case of emergencies. The bunkers were originally constructed in the 1950s and 1960s to serve as storm and fallout shelters. They have been upgraded, modernized and expanded in recent years.

Upper Bunker

The Upper Bunker is accessible via a well-hidden blast door set in the side of the rise behind the ranch house. There is also access from the inside of the house, but this is restricted to the family’s use. The upper level consists of several workstations, a conference room, kitchens, showers, and a bunk room. It also contains the Forensics Lab (described below) which is the heart of Storm Shelter’s computer system.

Lower Bunker

The Lower Bunker is primarily a safe house and fallout shelter for use by the Cades in the event of a major emergency or natural disaster. There are certain areas accessible to Unit 51 such as the bowling alley, workshop, and pool. Other accesses are provided on an as needed basis. There are stairs and an elevator directly to the lower bunker from inside the ranch house and from inside the upper bunker. The card key to the elevator is programmed with the team member’s allowed accesses in the lower bunker, ranch firing ranges, etc.

Computer Forensics Lab (Upper Bunker)

The Conference Room will be changed to read Computer Lab when there is time to update the graphics. See Core 5 and the other information below regarding Storm Shelter’s computer forensics lab.

Core 5

Core 5 is Storm Shelter’s proprietary computer system. It is not directly connected to the world wide web and requires a secure outgoing socket to connect. Its encryption would make the United States’ Department of Defense look amateurish. Core 5 also has secure socket connections to various law enforcement databases. Storm Shelter’s general corporate computer system that is accessible by employees at the various security monitoring offices is housed in a secure and private server farm. That system is separate from Core 5.

Along with its other features, Core 5 has access to satellite data via private contracts with companies that own the satellite platforms.

Core 5 Information Table

The Core 5 Information Table is an ultra-powerful computer with a 100″ built-in tabletop display. It can be touch or voice controlled and contains full-size virtual keyboards. Located on the edges of the table are USB ports and even CD/DVD slots. Laying a smartphone or tablet on the table seamlessly integrates that device with the system so that data can be displayed on the tabletop or the electronic display wall. A smaller version of the Core 5 is located in the Alibi office’s conference room.

Core 5 Display Wall

The Computer Lab is equipped with a full-length, floor to ceiling electronic display. It is integrated with the Core 5 info-table and also utilizes touch control.

The Alibi offices utilize movable electronic whiteboards instead of a built-in wall display.

Core 5 Computer System

Storm Shelter’s computer system is totally proprietary. It is not Windows based. The various security offices use Apple computers to access the allowed and appropriate systems such their corporate intranet. Storm Shelter strictly prohibits access to the system via a personal computer or any Microsoft products.

Core 5’s software applications are all built on its LINUX operating system. All applications and software are proprietary. No commercial applications or software can be uploaded to Core 5.

Akashic Search Engine (ASE)

ASE was originally created as a proprietary search engine and database for Storm Shelter’s use when working on cold cases – something everyone is encouraged to do when their case loads are light. It allows the upload of evidence files, narrows the information into easily matched data blocks, and then searches all accessible law enforcement and intelligence agency databases for similar information. It significantly lowers the amount of time that consultants spend doing manual searches and comparisons of evidence and leads.

Recently, several major law enforcement agencies and intelligence organizations have requested ASE for their own use.

Forensics Lab

Storm Shelter has a small, state-of-the-art forensics and chemistry lab.