Storm Shelter, Inc.


Storm Shelter, Incorporated was formed by Cade MacLeod in 2002. Its original business purpose was to provide tracking for income, expenses, taxes and to keep those finances separate from his personal assets, Coldwater Creek Ranch and Deepwater Music (the company formed to handle his father’s music catalog, royalties, taxes, and licensing fees).

In 2006, Storm Shelter, Inc. was reorganized and expanded although it continues to be a privately held corporation. Jameson Dalton West and Cole Thornton-Cade became business partners and co-owners of the business. Harrison McBride became the corporation’s legal counsel as well as Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer.

As of 2017, Storm Shelter has been given authority under the President’s security task force, Unit 51.

Organization and Structure

  • Owners: Cade MacLeod, Jameson Dalton West, Lucan Higganum
  • CEO / CFO: Harrison Valentine McBride
  • Chief of Operations (CO): Grayson Tregarth

Storm Shelter, Inc. (aka SSI) employs full-time consultants on a contractual basis. For larger jobs, they have a pool of cleared and bonded persons that they use on a per job contract basis.


SSI’s support personnel are associates. These are the people that staff the security monitoring centers, private security personnel, contracted law enforcement, administrative staff, etc. Note: These would be unlikely candidates for game characters.

Junior Consultant

This position is entry level. Contract terms are usually from three to six months.


This position is the next level for those that have completed their initial contract and are offered a longer term position. Contract terms range from one to two years.

Senior Consultant

The highest level and longest term contracts. Most contracts are a minimum of three years, and some can be open-ended with no term limit. Instead, there is a mandatory negotiation period where the consultant is reviewed, and new terms may be offered (salary increases, profit sharing increases).


Consultants are paid a competitive salary. The actual salary is determined by the consultants’ expertise and range of experience.

Profit Sharing

Consultants are also paid a percentage of the profits from each contract that SSI accepts as well as a percentage of each long-term contract the company holds.


Storm Shelter provides all consultants with full medical coverage (medical, dental, vision, chiropractic, mental health). Consultants are also given access to SSI’s legal counsel.

Hiring Requirements

  • Former military, law enforcement or commiserate experience required.
  • Two to four-year college degree is a benefit.

As the need arises, Storm Shelter will advertise in trade journals or offer consultant positions to persons they have contracted with previously.


Storm Shelter has a standing contract with a company that offers a range of civilian boot camps. All employees are sent to Liberty Market for an initial two-week course that evaluates their field skills such as hand-to-hand combat, fieldcraft, firearms, etc.

Liberty Market also offers courses in the following which Storm Shelter consultants are encouraged to take advantage of the training.

  • Anti-Kidnap Solutions

  • Ransom Delivery / Retrieval

  • Wilderness Survival

  • Firearms Safety / Training

  • Close Quarters Combat

  • Offensive / Defensive Driving

The company also requires that their employees and consultants keep abreast of the latest innovations in their specialized fields.

List of Services

  • Private Security

  • Residential / Business Security

  • Confidential Investigations

  • Hostage Rescue

  • Search and Rescue

  • Risk / Threat Assessment

  • Risk / Threat Management

  • Ransom Negotiation

  • Bail Recovery

  • Fugitive Recovery

  • Paranormal Investigations

  • Asset Retrieval / Recovery

  • Cold Case Investigations

About Storm Shelter, Inc.

Storm Shelter’s philosophy is No job too big or too small. Whether tracking dangerous fugitives, consulting on risk assessment and home security for an inner city apartment,  discretely handling an international crisis or investigating claims of a haunting that has a family terrified, Storm Shelter brings the same level of concern, care, and determination to each case.

The core team is made up of highly skilled individuals who possess a wide range of skills and experience. Some of their areas of expertise may overlap which is needed as the team may occasionally be deployed on simultaneous cases.

Headquarters / Base of Operations

Storm Shelter’s public offices are located on the second floor of the Alibi Saloon in Coldwater Junction, Montana (part of the Kalispell municipal area).

The company’s main base of operations is the former Cold War-era bunker and safe house located within the hill behind the main ranch house on Coldwater Creek Ranch.


Long range helicopters (2)

Short range helicopters (2)

Mobile Headquarters (1)

Leer Jet (1)

Weapons and other gear provided as needed.

There are two helipads at Coldwater Creek Ranch (on Bunker Hill) and one near the main stable and barn complex in the Lower Valley. There is also a small airstrip in the Lower Valley.

Storm Shelter also owns a hangar and runway located at a private multi-corporation owned airstrip just outside of Kalispell.

The Crib is a customized jetliner that provides a mobile base of operations for the Storm Shelter team. It can carry large cargo (vehicles), has a comfortable bunk area for sleeping, fully operational network, a small lab, first aid station, kitchenette and communications and conference center.

Storm Shelter does not own an orbital communications satellite, but it does lease access to several that provide a range of informational and communications solutions.


Storm Shelter Security

The residential and business security division of Storm Shelter has offices and monitoring centers located within the law enforcement jurisdictions that they serve. Security monitoring is provided 24/7/365.

Main Offices

Storm Shelter has two main offices. Both are located in Coldwater Junction just north of Kalispell, MT.

Alibi Office

The main public offices are located above the Alibi Saloon in Coldwater Junction. This is the office where Storm Shelter consultants meet with clients and contract personnel. It is a comfortably elegant suite of offices with the decor consisting mainly of rich woods, stone, and leather. There are a conference room, private offices, and drop-in space.

The Bunker (aka Bunker Hill)

After World War II and during the Cold War era, the MacLachlans had two large fallout shelters constructed beneath the main ranch house and inside the rise behind it. Cade MacLeod had the bunkers renovated with the Upper Bunker (the one inside the hill behind the house) turned into Storm Shelter’s secure headquarters.

The Lower Bunker / Safe House can be reached from within the ranch house and from a secured entrance inside the Upper Bunker. This facility is designed for survival in the event of a national or global catastrophe such as the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano.

Note: The Forensics Lab is not a criminal forensics laboratory. Storm Shelter farms out their criminal forensics to trusted local labs that handle that type of work or they handle it via local law enforcement. The Forensics Lab at the bunker is a major intelligence gathering lab with a large computer table and screens for communications and display.

See Storm Shelter’s Facilities for a gallery of images.

Bureau of Special Investigations (BOSI)

The Executive Office of Special Investigations (EOSI) was created by President Harry Truman under Executive Order 9679 in 1946. EO-9679 was an amendment to EO-9547 which provided for Representation of the United States in Preparing and Prosecuting Charges of Atrocities and War Crimes Against Leaders of the European Axis Powers and Their Principal Agents and Accessories. The EOSI – Executive Office of Special Investigations is a law enforcement and investigatory unit formed to investigate and substantiate claims that the Soviets were working on their own atomic weapons using American plans and captured Nazi scientists. In the 1950s, the EOSI was moved from the Executive branch of government to the State Department to avoid any suggestion of it being the President’s personal police force. EOSI was renamed to the Bureau of Special Investigations (BOSI or SD/BOSI). BOSI units are created as needed to work in conjunction with various law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and the military.

In January 2017, President Frank Dalton requested that Storm Shelter’s alpha team be assigned to BOSI as Unit 51 to investigate and take action to resolve the events that occurred in The Code of Camulus.

While covert and only activated on need; Unit 51 is not top-secret. Members of the unit carry badges and can make arrests under that authority. They may also detain and interrogate suspects and persons of interest in the course of an investigation.

Lt. Col. Claire Cameron: Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of Special Investigations.