Nova: Writing and Editing Posts

All post writing and editing is done via the Writing Control Panel which is accessed via the Dashboard or your Admin Control Panel (ACP).

When you login to the Nova game site, it will take you directly to your Admin Control Panel (ACP). Once you are logged in, there are shortcuts to the Private Messaging System and Writing Control Panel via the icons at the upper far right or far left (depending on theme) of the Main Navigation Menu. The far right icon accesses your Dashboard which holds shortcuts to some account editing activities, your bios, and customizable links to your most used items (Note: contact me and I’ll help you set up your Dashboard links).

The Main Nav icons for Private Messages and Posts will light up to indicate whether or not you have messages or a post has been updated or needs to be updated by you.

This page assumes you are using the default Serenity skin.

Icon Legend

Gray Envelope = No Private Messages or all have been read.

Green Envelope = New Private Messages Waiting

Gray Page Icon = No Saved Posts

Orange Page Icon = No Post Updates

Green Page Icon = Post(s) Updated and waiting for responses.

Note: To see which posts have been updated, you need to click on the icon or go to the Writing Control Panel via the ACP menu. Posts that are awaiting your update will have a green dot next to it.

Accessing the Writing Control Panel

You can access the Writing Control Panel by:

  1. Clicking on the Page icon in the main menu (see screenshot above).
  2. Clicking on Saved Chapter Posts in Notifications in the main ACP panel (see screenshot below).
  3. Clicking on Writing Control Panel in the ACP in the Write section of the menu on the right side of the ACP.

Writing / Editing Posts

You can access the actual writing / editing panel by clicking directly on the Write item in the menu to the right.

  • Write Chapter Post will take you directly to the Write Post page.

From there it is a simple case of filling in the form and writing the post.

  • To edit a saved item, you can click on it in the notifications panel which will take you to the Writing Control Panel.

Do not use the Editing Post option in order to read posts!

Screenshot Gallery Coming Soon!