No Name Band

The No Names in Concert


The No Name Band was formed by Cade MacLeod in 1984 during his sophomore year in high school. Cade never intended for the band to go professional. The band was initially created with an eye to picking up small gigs around Montana and allowing him and his friends to make a little money on the side.

With music being his passion, he never wanted to make it the sole basis of his income. This decision was reinforced after the band was invited on a summer tour with his father, country music legend, Isaiah MacLeod. Cade and the No Names enjoyed the crowds and the accolades they received as a warm-up act for a major band, but the constant travel, hounding by the press, and other aspects of life on the road turned them off.

The group officially disbanded in 1987 when Cade joined the United States Marines although he would continue to perform solo to entertain his fellow service men and women. He became a very popular warm-up act for USO shows. When Cade returned home permanently in 1999, the band reformed with a new and expanded repertoire.


Originally, the band was simply known as Cade’s Band although most people simply referred to them as “those kids from Glacier High”. After the summer tour with the 3-7-77 Band, his father’s group, Cade renamed his band to the No Name Band. It was a tongue-in-cheek choice based on the fact that it was rare the name of the warm-up or pre-show bands are ever remembered.


In the early years, the No Names mostly performed covers of popular country ballads and hillbilly rock, only occasionally slipping in original numbers written by the band members and Cade MacLeod. When the band reformed in 1999, talent and musical taste had matured as did the band’s sound.

The No Names are still, at heart, a country band with a dynamic sound that ranges from romantic ballads to rockin’ country songs. They also cover some of the more popular southern rock and classic rock performers such as Alabam and Bob Seger. These days, though, the majority of their songs are written by Cade along with No Name band members. They are known for their pro-American music and light-hearted songs that often poke fun at themselves.


Make and share music to help others and have fun while doing it.

The No Names do not perform for profit. Their travel expenses are covered, usually by the show’s organizers and by Cade if the venue or organization is a non-profit itself. Band members earn a little extra by splitting the money left in their tips cask, but they are not professional musicians. They all have other jobs.

The band is most often found performing at Cade’s Coldwater Junction saloon, the Alibi. When time permits, they also travel around the United States and the world as a warm-up band for various headliners. The shows must be non-profit with all proceeds over and above expenses going to aid US troops and veterans. They will accept headliner gigs to raise money for US causes, particularly for the country’s homeless.

Charity starts at home is the No Name’s motto and they unashamedly put America first although they will not turn down performing for a really good cause as long as they know where the proceeds are going.


The No Names have released several singles and albums. Their recordings are available online for a donation minimum of $1 per download. Proceeds go to various charitable non-profit organizations.

Copyright and Contract

The No Names’ copyright on their material (recordings and live performances) is strict and ironclad. It prohibits the use of any of their recordings, videos, live performances, and their brand from being used for personal gain. it does allow the band to earn approximately three-percent of their royalties not to exceed a specified amount.

Band Members

Except for J.D. West, the current members of the No Names are the core original group that formed the band in 1984.

Cade MacLeod: Lead vocalist, backup vocals, guitar (six and twelve string), piano.

Kai Wintersong: Lead vocalist, backup vocals, six-string guitar, fiddle, tambourine.

J.D. West: Keyboards, piano, backup vocals.

Lucan Higganum: Backup vocals, percussion, and drums.

Darcy “Animal” Corvel: Backup vocals, bass guitar, steel guitar.

St. John Brooks: Backup vocals, horns.

Carter Dancing Elk: Backup vocals, wind instruments.

Bill “Wildman” Hannity: Backup vocals, lead guitar (electric).

Sean O’Reilly: Horns, backup percussion.