Cole Thornton MacLeod

Cole Thornton MacLeod

Full Name: Cole Thornton MacLeod

Job: N/A

Born: 05/01/1974

Died: 03/13/2015 (a. 41)

Marital Status: Late wife of Cade MacLeod

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Honey Brown

Height: 5′ 11″

Children: Josslyn MacLeod, Zachariah MacLeod


Personal History

Cole was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. She had a good, healthy and loving childhood.

Cole’s parents were killed in a car accident shortly after she turned sixteen. She was remanded to the Colorado foster care system until her eighteenth birthday. At that time, she received a full scholarship to the University of the Rockies in Denver, Colorado due to her academic standing. Cole graduated with a Masters of Business degree (MBA) with an emphasis in human resources.

Shortly after receiving her degree, Cole was recruited to the CIA as a Human Resources Analyst. After several years of learning all the ropes in Washington DC, she opened her own professional staffing business called Nighthawk, Ltd.

In 2006, she happily wed the man of her dreams, Cade Atticus MacLeod. They had a good life and a strong, loving marriage. In 2007, Cole presented her doting husband with a daughter and, in 2014, a son.

Cole was shot and killed while on a business trip to Washington, DC. The police have come to believe that Cade was the actual target. To date, her murder has not been solved.


Cole was a bold, engaging and charismatic woman. She was intelligent, passionate in her feelings and beliefs and compassionate to others. For those that knew her, she always seemed to sparkle.


Cole earned a degree in Business. Her first job was in Human Resources for the CIA. She later moved on to create her own elite staffing agency (Nighthawk, Ltd.). At the time of her death, she was the CEO of Nighthawk, Ltd., Storm Shelter’s recruitment division.