Coldwater Junction, Montana

Main Street, Coldwater Jct., MT


Coldwater Junction is census designated place (CDP) that is part of the wider Kalispell municipal area. It is located at the junction of state highway 424 and Coldwater Trail. Beyond it is the gap that leads to Coldwater Creek Ranch. The wide creek (in reality a small river) runs behind the town and is a popular fishing spot. The Junction also lures hikers and hunters to the area.

Although most people consider it nothing more than a wide spot in the road, it actually makes a fair income from tourism having converted some of its historic 1800s buildings into bed and breakfast inns, diners and specialty shops.

The only local nightlife is The Alibi Saloon. For other entertainment, people go to Kalispell or Whitefish.

The Junction is quiet, peaceful and blessed with spectacular scenery. Many locals ride their horses into town, drive buggies / wagons or ATVs so there is hitching for horses behind the buildings.

Main Street, Coldwater Jct., MT

Coldwater Methodist Church

Ironically, the church is located across the intersection from the town and the Alibi Saloon.

Coldwater Methodist Church, Coldwater Jct., MT