Character Creation Form


This form mirrors the Join / Account / Bio form that is located on our Nova powered game site.

Images can be uploaded to your character’s bio at the game site after your account is set up and approved. Please read the Help text provided in the fields you need to fill out. Account approval is not an automatic character approval. Your character will need reviewed and approved by Admin and one or more members of the RPG.


This is your name or the screen name that you want used by other members of the RPG.

Email Address

This should be a valid email address that you check daily. It is also your game site’s login and the one we will use when adding you to the OOC Group as well as for all other game related correspondence.


This should be something suitably complex that no one can hack it but easy for you to remember.

Date of Birth

This should be your birth year only. We use it to validate that you meet our age requirements. Leaving it blank means we will reject your application which then automatically deletes it. Lots of wasted effort.

Instant Messenger(s)

This field is optional. If you want to include your IM clients and screen names, that is fine. If not, that’s fine too. There’s always email.

Basic Information


  • List any nicknames and aliases here.


  • List character gender here.


  • Format: MM/DD/YYYY


  • List age in years.

Marital Status

  • Choose One: Single, Married, Divorced, Committed Relationship, Widow, Widower

Current Address

  • List where the character will permanently reside in the game even if they have not relocated at the start of play.

Current Employer(s)

  • List the character’s current employer(s) and include their position (employee, CEO, consultant, etc.).

Professional Specialty

  • List and/or describe the character’s specialty (technical expert, computer expert, marksman, investigator, tracker, etc.).

Physical Description


  • Feet / Inches (ex. 6’ 4”)


  • Choose One: Petite, Small, Medium, Large

Hair Color

  • Color and details (i.e. thick, fine, curly, etc.)

Eye Color

  • Color and details (i.e. colored flecks, etc.)

Marks and Scars

  • List and describe any distinguishing marks, tattoos, and / or scars.


  • Describe usual manner of dress including jewelry and accessories worn regularly.

General Description (N/A if you use an image avatar)

  • Write a full, comprehensive description of the character that includes facial features, body build, shape of eyes, nose, etc.

Psychological Profile Tab

Personality & Traits

See Character Psychological Profile for help with these fields.

Personality Traits

  • List a minimum of four (4) key personality traits (ex. loyal, brave, quick-tempered, etc.). This is not what they can do. It is keywords that describe who they are.


  • Describe how the personality traits listed above translate into this character’s personality. Detail his or her personality. The description should include both positive and negative aspects of the listed traits.


  • Describe character’s voice, manner of speech, how others would see the traits and character presented.

Expertise Tab



  • List native language, languages spoken and fluency.

Dexterity & Mobility

  • Write a brief overview of the character’s dexterity and mobility; are they right or left handed, ambidextrous, graceful, clumsy, have a limp or other issues with mobility?

Specialties & Interests

  • List and detail character’s specialties, special skills, and interests. This should include hobbies and activities that they have expertise in.

Self Defense

  • List and describe character’s expertise in hand-to-hand combat, how they would defend themselves in a fight or physical confrontation.


  • List any weapons the character is adept with here.

Other Skills (Optional)

  • Bullet list of additional skills. Leave blank if N/A.

Paranormal Skills

  • Paranormal skills are not limited to psychic abilities so list and describe anything that is outside the normal range of human abilities (ex. Eidetic Memory).

  • Do complete Paranormal Beliefs.

  • None of the following allowed: Superhuman abilities, telepathy, psychic mediums (no chatting to dead people), prophets, extraordinary telekinesis, teleportation.


  • List character’s paranormal abilities (ex. claircognizance).


  • BE THOROUGH! Describe the abilities above, how they work, limitations, when/how it manifests, etc.


  • Write a brief description of the character’s stance and beliefs in regard to the paranormal NOT their personal religious beliefs. If that information is pertinent, it should go under their Characteristics.

Family Tab

Please upload images into the character’s bio gallery.

Family Tree

Spouse / Partner

  • Character’s current spouse or partner and brief details. N/A if not applicable.


  • Character’s children and brief details. N/A if not applicable.


  • Character’s father and brief details. N/A if not applicable.


  • Character’s mother and brief details. N/A if not applicable.


  • Character’s male siblings and brief details. N/A if not applicable.


  • Character’s female siblings and brief details. N/A if not applicable.

Other Family

  • Character’s other family (if pertinent) such as aunts, uncles, grandparents, adoptive parents, etc. N/A if not applicable.

Former Spouse(s) & Partners

  • Character’s former relationships if pertinent. N/A if not applicable.

Biography Tab

Detailed character history written in timeline format; include professional history (jobs).

Family History

  • Brief, pertinent family history details here.

Personal History

  • Detailed personal history here, written in timeline format.

OOC Information Tab



  • List celebrity model for character’s image if you use one.

Speaking Voice

  • List celebrity model for character’s speaking voice if different from Image Avatar’s voice.

Singing Voice

  • List celebrity model for character’s singing voice if different from Image Avatar’s singing voice.

Character Information

(These fields are for reference only; badge color identifies character role on site).

Character Role

  • Choose One: Primary Character, Secondary Character, Storyteller Character.

Written By

  • Player Name or Screen Name

Notes & References

Friends & Foes

  • List known allies and friends or foes with brief details or add To Be Determined in Game Play.

Character Notes

  • List known major foes and brief details or To Be Determined in Game Play.

Reference Information

  • List any other details such as references that you or other Players might need to refer to throughout game play.